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Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland doesn’t have an opponent lined up for his next fight but he’s continued to make headlines over the last few days.  

Strickland and Donald Trump met on Thursday.  On Friday, video surfaced of “Tarzan” beating up social media influence Sneako during a sparring session at the UFC PI.  

Friday afternoon, Strickland and influencer turned boxer Jake Paul went back and forth on Twitter after Paul offered the former champion a million dollars to come box him on camera.  Strickland and Machine Gun Kelly exchanged words at Friday’s celebrity-packed Power Slap.  The exchange was recorded in part.  

Strickland is heard in the video calling MGK a “weird dude.”  MGK leans into Strickland and says something.  The former UFC Champion was visibly angry in his response.  As Strickland walked away from the situation, he said, “I’m easy to find, vampire man.”  

Strickland said that he was involved in an altercation before the video surfaced.  

“I almost struck a vampire this evening… lol!” He said his name was machine gun kelly.. how do you have such a dope name and…

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