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Sean O'Malley responds to 'stupid' and 'delusional' Ryan Garcia UFC call out


Few boxers are willing to make the jump from the ring into the cage.  This has happened, but not for a while.  James Toney made the jump back in 2010 and was easily finished by Randy Couture.  But then again, there’s Holly Holm.

The lure of huge paydays has dragged mixed martial artists into the boxing ring in recent years. But it’s only been one way.  Jake Paul is training to make his Professional Fighters League debut and Ryan Garcia called out bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley for an MMA bout in the UFC.  

On his YouTube channel, O’Malley responded to Garcia saying, “I’d fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC that’s it.”

“Buddy, you said to me, brother, that I would kill you in minutes.  O’Malley said, “It’s just not realistic. It’s not real.  “It is crazy how stupid, and delusional.  When I call out boxers do people also think this?   Is this the same thing?  It’s a little crazy when I call boxers out.  It’s a little.  Not a lot.  Not 100 percent crazy.  “A little, but when boxers want to fight MMA they are 100 percent crazy.”  

Toney was submitted by Couture when he fought him.  O’Malley believes he doesn’t need to grapple in order for him to beat Garcia during an MMA bout.  


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