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UFC Saudi Arabia: new date and major law changes after 70+ Years


We heard last year that UFC was planning to hold a Saudi Arabia event in 2024. Dana White told media members that Vince McMahon was ‘key’ in making that deal. The card that was originally supposed to go out on March 2nd has now been moved to June 22.

Initially, Ariel Helwani came out with the information that the event was postponed on Saudi’s request, because the hosts deemed the proposed card not being satisfying for their appetites. Dana White spoke out after UFC 297 to deny these claims, stating that it was UFC’s initiative to postpone the event, because UFC wants to put on the greatest Fight Night in the history of the company.

UFC will make sure to create a special Fight Night card, since many athletes become available in June. The event will resemble a PPV, rather than a UFC Fight Night. But, the question now is: what are the potential matchups for the Saudi event and with this alcohol ban lift – some new, wild options might be in for the UFC.

Saudi Arabia lifts alcohol ban after 70+ years – Conor McGregor returns?

We’ve all seen McGregor’s eccentric announcement Conor claimed that the fight would take place in… Conor said the fight would take place at…

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