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UFC pioneer dies aged 60


The mixed martial arts community is feeling the loss of one of its pioneers.

UFC has been in business for 31 years and during that time it has attracted many stars. It is sad when their favorite fighters leave the sport. But the news that an ex-competitor has died is even more devastating.

Art Jimmerson had 60 years on his age when his death was reported to the world. Jimmerson was well known for competing at the inaugral UFC 1 event, where he sported a single boxing glove on his left hand–ultimately earning him the nickname ‘One Glove’.

Jimmerson had been a well-respected boxer since 1983, and was the National Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion. In late 2002, the Missouri native stepped into the ring one last time after winning 33 of 51 fights.

Art Jimmerson was forever inscribed in history, when, on November 12, 1993, he competed for the first time at UFC 1, after a 15 fight win streak.

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