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Tom Aspinall rips ‘Terrible’ start times for UFC 304 card in Manchester: ‘I think it’s just not fair on the fans’


Tom Aspinall confirms return fight at UFC 304 in Manchester I'll be announcing it soon

Tom Aspinall, the interim UFC Heavyweight Champion, said that starting UFC 304 at Manchester in England at a time that is not convenient for fans is a terrible idea.

UFC announced UFC 304 will take place on the 27th of July in Manchester, England. The news that promotion was returning to the card is exciting for UK fans. However, the event will cater to US audiences as the pay-per view start time will 10 p.m. Eastern, which translates to 3 a.m. Local time.

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Aspinall who is expected to appear on the card shared his thoughts about the start time on social media.

“As an athlete, as a fighter, it honestly doesn’t make that much difference,” Tom Aspinall said (via MMAMania). “For a couple of weeks before, I’ll have to wake up and train at that time or stay up or whatever. I’ve flown across the world multiple times and fought in different time…

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