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Tito Ortiz UNLOADS on FOX News – 'I lost everything'


Tito Ortiz is a controversial character who has never shied away from speaking his mind, no matter what the consequences.

His bold personality got him in trouble many times during his peak years in the UFC, but it didn’t change who Ortiz is in front of the cameras. The 49-year old Ortiz is still his bold self, even years after his career in fighting ended. He was on display during his appearance on Jesse Waters Primetime at FOX news.

Tito Ortiz, while sitting down with Jesse Watters to discuss Joe Biden’s efforts to garner more support from Hispanic Americans in the United States, gave his opinion.

“Pandering” at its worst. Ortiz said, “It’s really embarrassing what they’re doing.” “I have watched this for the past three and half years. How much longer can people take before they stand up?”

“All my Latino friends, all those who have been in line waiting to cross the border. The Mexicans are no longer the only ones trying to cross. “It is everyone from other countries.”

“I’m feeling bad about our country at the moment. People must stand up and voice their opinions. If their vote isn’t heard, what else will happen?

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