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Sean Strickland speaks to UFC about his fight with Jake Paul


Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland isn’t a fan of social media influencers.  He has even threatened to murder two of them.  One of them was influencer turned professional boxer Jake Paul.  

After video surfaced of Strickland beating up influencer Sneako during a sparring session, Paul called out Strickland and offered a million-dollar challenge to spar on video.  Jake Paul is Jake Paul, so he also made a tattoo-bet.  

Strickland insulted Paul on social media, but he also asked the UFC to box him.  

“Jake Paul gave me a million dollar knowing it was impossible for me.  Hunter was the one I talked to. [Campbell],” Strickland said on his YouTube channel.  I said, “Hunter, this is the man I’m going to fight.”  You let Conor McGregor fight Mayweather.  This is a much easier fight and easier money.  Can I do it?   

“Hunter then explained to me: Hunter is like Dana’s left or right hand.” [White].  They’re equal.  “I don’t even know how close they would be, but Hunter told me that he doesn’t sell fights,” Strickland added.  When they have fights, they give tickets away.  He is not a money-maker ….

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