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Sean Strickland RAINS Jon Anik about leaving MMA remarks


Jon Anik may soon be retiring from the UFC after a career spanning over a decade. Sean Strickland, who has a different view than many others, is the one that opposes Anik.

Anik is regarded as one of the greatest play-by-play announcers in the history combat sports. However, his 12-year career at the UFC could be ending soon. A recent encounter with toxic fans has left the Boston native contemplating his future.

After the comments, both fans and fighters expressed their gratitude towards Jon Anik’s brilliant work for the UFC. Sean Strickland, in typical Sean Strickland style, had an opinion on the subject and shared it on social media.

Strickland responded to Anik’s remarks by saying, “What I would say to Jon Anik who called MMA fans ‘the lower common denominator.'”  “These people make you richer than the average person.”

“Maybe the NFL is a better choice for you than MMA… Also, you guys are a bunch of savage c*nts. “I’m here to support it.”

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