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Sean O'Malley explains how he uses marijuana in training


Bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley isn’t your typical pot head.  The 29-year-old uses marijuana in order to ‘hyperfocus’ during training, and it appears to be working.  

“I really don’t smoke as much as people think,” O’Malley told Demetrious Johnson in an interview.  “I do recovery better than any other UFC athlete.  “My habits, my daily routines, I feel I’m at a higher level than anybody in the UFC.”  

O’Malley’s fitness is at championship level despite his smoking.  

“I vaporize my cigarettes, especially when I’m camping.  I will not smoke a cigarette.  I won’t smoke from a bong or a dab.  O’Malley says that she uses a vaporizer every day.  

“I do a lot of my zone 2s, a lot of my longer workouts, like the 60 minute slower workouts, or lower heart rate workouts, I’ll do f**king just stoned out of my tits,” he said.  

You have to know how to use marijuana to hyperfocus on any task.  This is a skill because you can also get stoned and…

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