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Sean O'Malley doesn't think 'Chito' Vera rematch at UFC 299 will last long


Bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley faces rival Marlon “Chito” Vera in the UFC 299 main event on March 9th in Miami, Florida.  O’Malley’s rematch against Vera will mark his first title defence.  

Vera (23-8-1), handed O’Malley’s (17-1, 1 NC), his only loss in the UFC 252 fight between August 2020.  Vera ended O’Malley’s fight with elbows and punches in the first round.  O’Malley seeks to avenge the loss and expects to stop Vera at Kaseya Center.  He predicted the outcome of each round.  

“I am better than that guy.”  O’Malley said: “I’m going to do the same thing I was about do to him, and turn out his lights.” The MMA Hour.  “He’s good.  He’s tough.  He’s tough, but it doesn’t work against me.  You can’t simply be strong.  You can’t only be tough.  “I feel confident in my abilities. I am faster, more accurate and more skilled than him.  

O’Malley added, “Mentally I’m mentally, physically and emotionally preparing myself for 25 minute.”  “I am preparing to walk out of there with a limp, and leave it sore. I’m going to leave with my hand aching from the pain in his head.  “I’m going to put this guy’s lights out in three minutes.”      

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