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Ryan Garcia addresses life troubles and losing access to his money – 'They tried to put me in jail'


Ryan Garcia’s posts on social media have worried fans in the run-up to his massive clash with Devin Haney scheduled for April 20.

“King Ryan” became a favorite in the boxing community, but it appears that his personal life is in a downward spiral. First, the sportsman’s supporters feared for his life after a bizarre video surfaced.

Ryan Garcia has posted a video to social media in order to explain the strange events of the past few days. Garcia spoke vaguely about his recent troubles. He claimed he did not have access to either his bank or mobile account.

“Hey, guys. It’s me, Ryan. Garcia said, “I’m here to explain the situation.” I’m not in the possession of my cellphone.”

I can’t access my Instagram. “My cards are locked, and I am being taken advantage of.” [of].”

He went on to reassure anyone who was worried about his safety due to recent rumors. However, he vaguely claimed that someone had tried to jail him.

“I just wanted to send it out to those who love me and to my fans and family members that are concerned about how I am doing.”

“I’m not dead. I’m a Christian, and all of those things are lies. They tried to jail me ….

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