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Robert Whittaker on Dricus Du Plessis beating Sean Strickland" 'I don't know why it's controversial'


Sean Strickland lost the middleweight championship at UFC 297 to Dricus Du Plessis but many, including UFC President Dana White didn’t agree with the decision.   

Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker doesn’t understand why there’s so much controversy surrounding the split decision win for the South African and score the fight for Du Plessis.   

“I’m not sure why it is controversial.  Dana White, among others, has said that he doesn’t think Dricus won the fight. But in my opinion, he did.  Whittaker stated, “I don’t want to blur the lines but I would like to congratulate Dricus, because he wanted the fight.” MMArcade Podcast.     

“I spoke to a lot of people who said he was a strong, big guy. He’s also awkward to fight. But one of his traits is that he always goes out with his shield.  He won’t give up.  He is not going to quit and he will leave the Octagon on a stretcher. This is exactly what he demonstrated.  “I will congratulate the new champion because he wanted it even more.”  

Whittaker’s loss to Du Plessis in UFC 290, last July, was the perfect opportunity to secure another title shot.  Du Plessis’s win gave him the opportunity to fight for…

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