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Michael Bisping weighs in on 'disgusting' UFC Vegas 89 biting incident


In the second bout on the UFC Vegas 89 fight card last weekend, flyweight Igor Severino was disqualified after biting Andre Lima in the second round.  Severino is no longer with the fight promotion. He could be facing disciplinary actions from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping reacted to the incident and called Severino’s actions ‘disgusting.’  

“That’s insane,” Bisping said in the midst of the rage Believe You Me podcast.  “He is a talented mixed martial artist.  He looked good.  He was unbeaten, it seems.  Both were.  “I’m not sure where he comes from in Brazil. But I’m guessing that it is a rough part of the town.”

You have to be a special type of person to bite someone.  He wasn’t even getting his ass kicked.  Bisping added, “He wasn’t getting choked out.”  “If you consider gentlemanly behavior, such as fair game in boxing or jiujitsu.  They will fight with their hands and then when someone falls to the ground, you do not follow them.

“Who would do that, even in the street in a fight? Unless you are going to be murdered, you will do whatever you can.  If the man comes to your home and is trying to…

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