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Mark Coleman awake in hospital: 'I'm so lucky'


Mark Coleman, who saved his parents from an ensuing house fire, has been in the hospital for two days being sedated.  “Hammer”, awoke Thursday morning and related the story.  

The video shows Coleman hugging his daughters Morgan and Kenzie and recounting what happened before he was flown to a Toledo Hospital in critical condition.   

“I’m the happiest man in the world,” Coleman said in the video. “Sweet God, I’m so lucky. I can’t believe my parents are alive.  They shouldn’t even be here.  Wes, you had to make a choice. I was in a terrible situation when I walked out of my bedroom and to the door. I couldn’t breathe. I nearly had to go out and get them. I can’t believe I got them but I couldn’t find Hammer” (the dog).

A GoFundMe was set up by Coleman’s daughters to raise money for the expense of his medical treatment.  Coleman was…

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