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Jake Paul receives DMs from Sean Strickland


Jake Paul took issue with former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland beating the hell out of social media influencer Sneako in a sparring session earlier this month.  He offered Strickland one million dollars to spar with Sneako.

The two went back and forth on social media with insults before Strickland threatened to kill “The Problem Child.”  During an interview on Jake Paul BSThe 27-year-old shared DMs with Strickland 

Paul commented on Strickland, saying that the man seemed to be going through a quarter life crisis and was frenzied out by everyone attempting to beat up influencers.  “It is a common story for these UFC fighters who call out my name and then become quiet.  I told him I would send you to PJ.  I’ve got DMs.  I’ll show you the DMs.  I told you that I would send you to PJ.  Please let me know.  We could fight over a million dollars.”  

Paul put Strickland’s DMs on the screen.  “Can you come next week?  Any day is fine!  Paul replied, “Will send you a flight,” Strickland.  Strickland responded: “I must have just seen it on Twitter… What about an actual fight?”  I don’t know if I can convince the UFC to join in, but I believe we can pull it off with their help.  Conor made it happen with Mayweather …”  

The conversation ended.

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