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Are there plans to expand the UFC’s weight classes in the future?


Since years, it has been discussed adding weight classes for the UFC.  The flyweight, the bantamweights, the featherweights, and the lightweights all have a difference of ten pounds.  The amount of weight between the different weight classes increases as they increase in size.  

The difference between middleweight and light heavyweight is 15 pounds, and the jump to light heavyweight is 20 pounds.  Heavyweight can be anything from 207 to 266 lbs, with the additional pound allowance for non-title bouts.  

Former two-division UFC champion and commentator Daniel Cormier shared a rumor that the UFC is looking to make a change in their weight classes.  

Cormier stated on his YouTube page: “I’m not sure who reported this, but it’s strange.”  “Someone reported that the UFC wants to move 170 pounds to 175 pounds and add 165 to the UFC’s weight division. They are doing this to make Chandler and McGregor the 165 pound championship fight.”

Former two-division champion Conor McGregor is expected to face lightweight contender Michael Chandler in his octagon return at some point this year.  “Notorious” last fought in a championship bout in 2018, losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.  It would be odd to…

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