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Ian Machado Garry clarifies his relationship with Layla Machado Garry and her ex-husband


Ian Machado Garry

UFC welterweight star Ian Machado Garry cleared the air on some of the rumors surrounding his relationship with his wife — Layla Machado Garry — and why he chose to take her name as opposed to the more traditional approach.

Garry’s marriage has come under fire in recent months after Sean Strickland slammed Garry, believing that ‘The Future’ had willingly taken the name of his wife’s ex-husband. He even went so far as to suggest that she was still involved with her ex romantically — labeling Garry a “cuck” in the process.

The fact is, Machado is his wife’s maiden name from her mother’s side of the family and there is a very good reason why Garry decided to incorporate the name into his own.

“The truth is I only did it because I wanted my son and my stepson to really feel connected,” Garry said in an interview with CBS Sports. “I didn’t want them going through life with two separate surnames. There seems to be a bit of a disconnect. If you guys want to be brothers, I want to make sure you guys have that same connection.”

Another point of attack for Strickland was Garry’s unusually close relationship with his wife’s ex-husband — Richard Cullen — whom the couple regularly travels…

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