Home Self Defense Ian Garry reacts when Sean Strickland attacks his wife and child

Ian Garry reacts when Sean Strickland attacks his wife and child


Ian Garry has some harsh words for Sean Strickland ahead of their highly anticipated matchup this weekend at UFC 298.

After months’ worth of preparation, ‘The Future will finally settle the score with Geoff Neal. After Neal’s withdrawal, the welterweights originally planned to face off at UFC 292 this year.

Ian Garry was a little heated in his discussion of his recent fight with Sean Strickland, while he was sitting down for his media duties days before the big fight.

Sean Strickland called my wife a pedophile. Garry stated that no woman deserves to be called this. “The people following Sean Strickland commented, at the start of the hate campaign, on some of my photos saying ‘Is this kid his?’ I shouldn’t ever have to hear it.”

These two things emotionally affect me. And I will get mine back. I’ll tump the f***ing mouth off Sean Strickland one day and there’ll be nothing he can do about it.”

I’ll speak to him, dance in his face and do whatever I please. The truth is that if we’re ever locked in a cage, he won’t be able deal with me.

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When you attack someone in my circle…

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