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Ian Garry dares Colby Covington accept ‘I quit’ MMA fight, loser leaves UFC: ‘Keep Layla’s name out your mouth’


Ian Garry Colby Covington

Up-and-coming Irish superstar Ian Garry has a challenge for Colby Covington, and it’s a little unusual for the sport of MMA, to say the least.

Garry is now among the elite welterweights, riding on a streak of 14-0. His last outing saw him squeeze out a split-decision victory over the always-tough Geoff Neal, and now Garry’s sights are set even further up the totem pole and locked onto a potential fight with Covington.

Colby Covington confirms US Congress run I'm the Donald Trump of the UFC
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Covington is no stranger to throwing shots, and ‘The Future’ has been an easy target for him. Most recently, ‘Chaos’ released a video in which he called Garry’s wife a “Gold-digging wh*re” and claimed since she wore the pants in the relationship, she could get down on her knees and beg Covington to accept the fight with Ian Garry.

Colby Covington’s scathing callout of Ian Garry

Garry would inevitably release a comeback and add his own stipulations to the mix, including his desire for the fight to be an ‘I quit’ match in which the loser retires from MMA.

Ian Garry responds to Colby Covington’s Callout video

“Listen here, Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington,” Ian Garry began, in his own response video. “You are in no position…

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