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Gina Carano speaks out for the first since she sued Disney and Lucasfilm


Gina Carano surprised the world when she announced earlier this week that she was suing Disney and Lucasfilm.

Carano says that Disney and Lucasfilm targeted her unfairly, which ended the actress’s time as The Mandalorian. Since her firing, she has only appeared on screen twice, with one coming in a lead role for Terror on the Prairie, featuring fellow MMA veteran Donald Cerrone.

Gina Carano, who announced her intention to sue corporate giants shortly after making the announcement, went into more detail with Fox News reporter Jesse Watters. The 41-yearold woman shared why she thinks she has been used as a victim.

“I’m not sure, but I think it might be because I am a little unassuming.” Carano said, “I’m easy-going.” If you asked anyone on the set, they would say that I am the least controversial person.

“But like we have seen across America, a number of us seem to be getting tired and sick.” So, I believe that I was unassuming when I stood up. I think this is why I was targeted.

Carano claimed later that no one is safe working for Disney or Lucasfilm.

“What I learned is that anyone can be affected by this. I am easy to be around…

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