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Rob Kaman, former WKA World Championship winner and Dutch Kickboxing superstar Rob Kaman has died at the age of 63


Dutch Kickboxing star former WKA world champion Rob Kaman passes away aged 63

Dutch Kickboxing talent and Muay Thai striker, Rob Kaman has passed away this Sunday evening aged 63, the Amsterdam native’s wife, Carlotta confirmed on his official Instagram account today.

Kaman, a former WKA (World Kickboxing Association) world champion – often referred to as “Mr. Low Kick” – has been credited for utilizing some of the most vicious and devastating low kick leg techniques in the history of striking arts throughout his storied professional combat sports career.

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Kaman, a decorated Muay Thai and kickboxing talent, competed in mixed martial arts just once during his combat sports career, winning a third round TKO against Japan native Nobuaki Kakuda in 1992, under the Rings Battle Dimension umbrella in Tokyo.

Rob Kaman’s wife confirms the Dutchman’s sad passing today

On the Dutchman’s official Instagram account this Sunday evening, a statement released by his wife, Carlotta, confirmed his passing.

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“Rob has passed away,” The statement read. “I will forever love you… we will forever love you. This is Carlotta his wife – even though we’ve been separated since a while I made this account for him… Love you Min… Monique his dear sister. We will post…

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