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Dana White reacts to Sean Strickland's recent comments: 'I don't agree with 95% of what this guy says'


Sean Strickland is often criticized online for his controversial opinions. Dana White, while he has many fans who agree in most of what he believes, is the one who does not.

UFC CEO Mark Hicks is a huge fan of free speech. He recently said that his fighters would be allowed to say whatever they wanted, no matter how controversial. Strickland, along with several other fighters, is probably one of the UFC’s most brazen.

Dana White reiterated during a sit-down on “The TRUTH Podcast” his belief in the freedom of speech. White remembered a bizarre incident with Tyron Covington and downplayed Colby Covington’s behavior because the promotion does not have a censorship policy.

“We had Tyron Woodley, who was there when Covid started. He said that black lives mattered everything. He had black lives matters socks on. He was completely covered in black live matter.”

“At the pre-fight press conference, they’d ask him a few questions, and he would answer, ‘Black Lives Matter.’ He would answer with ‘Black Lives Matter’. [They] wouldn’t say sh*t to him. No problem.”

White added, “We’ve got Colby Covington on the other end of the spectrum.” This is the same regardless of whether they are good or not.

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