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Current MMA champions with BJJ backgrounds


In the early days, MMA was primarily a style-versus-style sport. For example, a boxer would face a jiu jitsu practitioner, and a Taekwondo practitioner would fight a wrestler. In the present day, this has all but disappeared and you need to be well-rounded in order to be a winner.

That doesn’t mean that some fighters don’t have backgrounds in their original martial arts studies some have competed in those aspects of the game before stepping into the cage.

We will take a look at current MMA Champions with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Background. These competitors could have competed using Submission Sharks Jiu Jitsu Gear. Several of those BJJ champions still compete on the BJJ Mats today.

Which MMA champions have a BJJ background?

We won’t leave this just to the UFC, since there are other promotions out there, however, the UFC does have a few champions that have stepped on the mats. These will be mostly no-gi competitors, however, there are some gi players on the list, but this won’t be a guide for the best BJJ Gis on the market.

Tom Aspinall

He may not be undisputed, but the interim heavyweight championship is his. He started training BJJ when he was 12 years old and won many competitions in his teenage years. He has a lot of experience in the Octagon.

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