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Chuck Liddell on Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson: 'When Tyson hits him, it's over'


The news that influencer-turned professional boxers Jake Paul will faces former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in July has been met with mixed reactions.  

Tyson will enter the ring at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on July 20 against Paul at 58-years old, 31 years older than his opponent.  He retired from boxing in 2005, after quitting the fight before the end of the seventh round. In 2006, he fought in an exhibition against Corey Sanders. He was then inactive until 2020, when he returned to the ring in an exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr.

Despite Tyson’s age and inactivity, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell believes the fight will be over as soon as Tyson lands a shot on Paul.  Paul opened as the betting favorites when the fight’s announcement was made.

Liddell stated: “If Tyson makes a dive, then he is (Paul’s) favorite. However, when Tyson strikes him, the fight is over.” TMZ Sports.  “By-the-way, power is the last to go.  Last to go is the power.  When he hits him, the game is over.    

You’ve seen Mike.  Liddell replied, “He’s still hitting.”  Paul was advised to “keep your face covered man”.  

Paul has just won a knockout victory in the first round over Ryan Bourland.  He began his career as a boxer by facing fellowing…

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