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Chael Sonnen hints at run-In with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 299: ‘I’ll be in a suit, he’ll be the thug with a hood up’


Chael Sonnen hints at run-in with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 299 I'll be in a suit he'll be a thug with a hood up

Following an unexpected call out from former title challenger, Jorge Masvidal to his fellow UFC alum, Chael Sonnen earlier this week, the Oregon native has hinted a potential coming together with the Floridian next weekend at UFC 299 – issuing his own barb to boot. 

Sonnen, a UFC former light heavyweight champion and undisputed middleweight challenger, ended his combat career in 2019. This was after a summer knockout against former UFC light-heavyweight kingpin Lyoto Mchida. The pair were competing under Bellator MMA. 

And receiving a stark call out from Miami veteran, Masvidal this week, Sonnen was offered the chance to meet the former welterweight title chaser inside the boxing ring – with the former eyeing a move to the squared circle later this annum. 

“I can’t stand that lesbian-looking transitional b*tch, Chael Sonnen,” Jorge Masvidal said. “And no offence to lesbians because there’s some hot, cool-ass lesbians out there, it’s just him with them glasses and that haircut – he just, he looks like he’s in transition.”

“I would love to bust up Chael, but he would never get into a boxing ring with me,” Jorge Masvidal…

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