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Chael Sonnen defends Jon Jones: 'No one was in danger'


A Drug Free Sport International (DFSI) worker filed a police report accusing UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones of threatening her during a recent sample collection at Jones’ home.  Did Jones really threaten her?

Former title challenger Chael Sonnen defended Jones in the situation with the DFSI worker and questioned whether there’s a better way to go about sample collection.  

“Let’s talk some Jon Jones.  You can agree with someone on all the facts, but that is rare.  Right?  You’ve heard the expression that there are three sides of every story: My side, their side and then truth?  As you go through life, there’s a lot of accuracy to that statement,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel.  

“This is a situation where everyone can agree about the facts but then it comes to interpretation.”  It’s just one of those things.  We don’t live in the world I grew up.  Reality was the gold standard in my childhood world.  The gold standard we used to decide what happened was the reality.  In today’s world, the gold standard for determining what happened is emotion.  It’s no longer about what that person did.  Now, it’s about how you felt,” Sonnen added.  

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